Owners Representation

Car dealers operate auto dealerships; sometimes more than one and that alone is difficult. It requires 100% of the dealer’s attention. Add in a yearlong construction project and it can become an overwhelming task.

“Although dealers that renovate or build new often see an up-swing after the project is finished, the damage to profits and staff during constructions are hard to recover”. Says Jim Rathmann an auto dealer consultant, he adds “dealers often credit the up swing in profits to a new facility when the reality is that their time is no longer divided, they can give all of their attention to selling cars.”

MH Williams answer? Owner’s representation

Most dealers don’t have the resources or experience necessary to manage a construction project. An owner’s rep represents your interests with no secondary agenda’s like:

  • Promises of future work
  • Relationships with subcontractors
  • Supplier influence (kick-backs)
  • Allegiances to architects and engineers
  • Local bias

This means that an experienced MHW Owners Rep will make sure that the general contractor completes your job in a professional and verifiable manner.

Some benefits of using an MHW Owners Representative are:

  • 25 years experience of dealership builds and dealing with auto manufactures
  • 25 years of dealing with auto manufactures
  • Experience with dealer equipment suppliers
  • Knowledge on dealership specific projects like collision centers and repair shops
  • Specific knowledge on water usage related to car wash
  • Experience with municipalities
  • Hiring architects, engineers and consultants
  • Hazardous waste containment

Our experience in dealership construction generates enough savings to cover our fees and put money back in your pocket…guaranteed.

Run your dealership…let an experienced MHW Owners Rep run your construction project.

View the diagrams below for more information about the process with an MH Williams Owners Representative (left) vs. the process without a rep (right).